Wind Energy NZ Limited is a technology developer and supplier holding proprietary technology rights for a range of revolutionary wind generators designed by Wiig Energy.

During the past four years we have formalised our design for a revolutionary wind turbine. The technology is a vertical shaft horizontal turbine.

Wiig Energy

Design Parameters for Low Profile Wind Generators

A technology suitable for rooftop, high rise or tower mounting and able to deliver significant output within local proximity to the end user. A low profile presentation with a very high torque conversion.

The design parameters utilise only low maintenance, recyclable materials generally available worldwide. High Rise units will be constructed largely in standard sheet and extruded aluminium. Rooftop units will be constructed largely from polyethylene plastic. Drive gear will utilise glass reinforced UV stabilized nylon. The turbine is dual generating with both wind and solar conversion technologies.

The turbine will comprise of five individual pre-fabricated components. They are;

  • Turbine and drive shaft.
  • Base including adjustable feet, (checker plate walkways and handrails on larger models), shaft bearings and generator mounts.
  • Cylindrical base linings including diagonal bracing struts, access door, and locating mechanisim.
  • Turbine mounting / housing and environmental protection.
  • Radial roof cap comprising herring bone trusses.

With five pre-fabricated components larger units can be assembled at the point of manufacture to check and adjust clearance tolerances. Each component is by weight a calculated percentage of the overall weight of the assembled turbine to facilitate the ease of handling and placement of larger units by a commercial helicopter operation. The simple high strength assembly attachments and fixings allow for quick and easy placement of the component minimizing downtime for expensive installation equipment and labour.

Quality Control and Electronic Testing
A comprehensive predetermined checklist for completion at the stage of pre-assembly on the manufacturers' site.

Site Evaluation
Suitability of the building site roof structure and its ability to support the weight of the turbine needs to be investigated and certified by engineers, along with wind velocity monitoring and evaluation to optimize the position and performance of the turbine. Assessment of the site electrical system incorporating main power feeds, transformers, grid connections and metering to be installed where necessary. WENZ will oversee and evaluate each site. Their experienced staff and subcontractors will manage the transport to site and installation of the turbines. Experienced in the installation of Vodafone and Telecom repeater masts, mainly in remote elevated sites, their experience in the use of helicopters and long reach cranage will be invaluable.

Larger WENZ HR turbines are uniquely designed to be constructed largely out of standard sheet size aluminium. This means that all components can be CNC cut and folded where necessary to fit in a standard 20' container. This obviously reflects a huge saving in transport costs maintaining a firm hand on delivery and quality control. Nations that do not have direct or easy access to the necessary materials will benefit from the prefabricated system as only minor tools and equipment are needed for assembly. One of the major benefits of the prefabricated system is that the appointment of licensed distribution and assembly agents does not exclude smaller less specialised engineering companies as you find in more remote locations. These locations of course are most likely to be the ones that require alternative power generation.

Basically the whole turbine is constructed out of maintenance free materials. Internal components are all self lubricating. We would expect these products to perform for at least 20yrs so the only maintenance would be to lubricate the main bearings from time to time and annually do a visual on structural welding. This service is part of the licensed fabricators package. Electronics and electrical cabling together with grid monitoring are provided separately through WENZ who will monitor and control this to ensure the client receives consistent and reliable service over the life of the turbine.

The low profile design will have only a minor impact on the skyline. They offer low noise emissions and an absence of visual moving parts. We see the environmental protection screens as a major feature over other turbine models. There is great potential for advertising on substantial areas of the device. This of course could be illuminated. The exterior surfaces of the turbine don't have any aerodynamic contribution to the efficiency of generation and therefore could be clad or painted in a compatible finish to match the building structure. The ability to offer this extra feature to a developer or an architect adds further appeal to the technology

The exterior surface of the wind turbine offers considerable scope for solar panelling and an ancillary form of renewable generation, particularly useful in times of little wind, and also a power source to maintain electrical control circuits.

Product Standards and Approvals
The turbines are designed and engineered to comply with international regulatory requirements and standards.

Summary of Features

  • Low profile design / visual impact.
  • Low noise emission.
  • Low vibration.
  • Low start up speed = higher efficiency..
  • Standard off the shelf materials - no exotics.
  • Ease of fabrication - limited specialised equipment.
  • Five piece construction for ease of transport and installation.
  • Low maintenance recycleable products.
  • Prefabricated design for ease of containerisation and export.
  • No visible moving parts.
  • Ecology screening.
  • Heavy breeze and grid shut down system.
  • Emergency disc caliper braking system.
  • Adjustable mounting feet to facilitate normal watershed and distribute turbine loading over undulating surfaces.
  • Performance monitoring data system using fibre optic transport technology.
  • Optional installation of solar bank.
  • Appearance conforming capabilities including signage and advertising.
  • Easy ground level access for servicing.
  • 100% renewable energy.
  • Hundreds of thousands of suitable rooftop sites already constructed awaiting installations world wide.


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